Easy Gas Mixing


The MCQ Gas Blender 100 Series is the solution for microflows gas mixing and gas dilution problems. Specifically designed for an up to three-channel blending of non-aggressive gases. A whole laboratory in a single box, compact, cost-effective, highly accurate and trustable.

0 - 5000 sccm Flows

The MCQ Gas Blender 6000 Series is an innovative all-in-one replacement for traditional mass flow controllers multi-channel solutions. Our devices allow up to 6 channel gas mixing processes, all in a single compact box controlled by the Touch Panel or by our external software.

Software - Gas Mixer Creator

Our intuitive and user-friendly software that allows direct access and control to all of our Instruments parameters. You can now manage the mixing process by intervening directly on the single channels to modify and control your blending and dynamic dilutions.

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Our latest arrivals

A full new Series of Instruments are now part of our range of products! We created dedicated solutions for gas mixing and gas dilution, specifically designed for laboratories. With Gas Blender 2000, 3000, 4000 or 6000 Series, you can now dynamically mix or dilute up to 6 different sources of non-aggressive gases with only one instrument. Learn more about the competitive advantages of the Gas Blenders solutions.

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MCQ Instruments represents a great opportunity to substitute the obsolete method of using ordinary Mass Flow Controllers for laboratory studies and researchers. The reason is that we developed each of our Instruments with the focus of an extraordinary dynamicity on manage parameters, ratios, flows, and so on till the final solution or dilution. You will be able to save whatever is time, efforts, space, and budget.

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