Company Overview

About MCQ Instrument

MCQ Instruments provides customers with products and innovative solutions for process measurement and control through modular hardware and versatile instruments. The MCQ Instruments team has a mix of several competencies in different fields as electronics, software development, mechanics and chemistry, all reflected in our products.

Lab in a box

The modularity approach of MCQ Instruments products gives the possibility to customise platforms for automated test and calibration routines in a single box with an easy user interface. This versatility lowers costs and reduces the size of the whole test apparatus (“lab in a box”).

Research and Development

MCQ Instruments it’s constantly investing in research and development. After the first Gas Blenders generation targeting micro-flows, today we are proud to offer a brand new family of products allowing up to 6 gas flows mixtures.

Made in Italy

MCQ Instruments products are all made in Italy with guarantee of quality in manufacturing, attention to details, long life and flexibility of custom solutions.

Our Team

The company team is made up by passionate people with strong technical expertise. Our transparency, open communication and support had made over the years MCQ Instruments a true partners for many companies.