Gas Blender 100

The revolutionary technology for gas microflows.

Gas Blender 100

The MCQ Gas Blender 100 is the solution from MCQ Instruments for gas mixing and gas dilution problems. Instead of multi-channel solution using mass flow controller and external power supply and readout, MCQ  Instruments proposes a three-channels solution in a compact box at a very convenient price (Lab in a Box).

Through BUS 485(*) different Gas Blenders can be connected together  allowing user to control up to 64 different devices. Each device ships with the Gas Mixing Software .Free edition.


(*) Not available at present. It will be released in future.


  • Compact and transportable structure “Lab in a Box”.
  • Cost Effective
  • Free Software
  • BUS 485(*) allow you to connect up to 64 Gas Blenders to obtain different mixing and blending solutions.


  • Accuracy: (for reach channel) N2, 20 °C, 101.325 kPa (1 atm) 10 – 100% FS: 1% of set point < 10% FS: 0,2% of FS
  • Repeatbility: 0,16% of reading
  • Response time: (for each channel)50 ms
  • Power Supply: 16-36 V DC – Min. 1,5 A
  • Operation Pressure: Max 25 psi
  • Working Temperature: 0 – 50 °C
  • Mass Flow Rates: (for each channel) 0 – 200 sccm (standard) FS 50-100-500 sccm on request
  • Gases: All non-aggressive gases
  • Input Channel: USB PC Interface, RS 485(*) with open proprietary protocol
  • Output Channel: 0 – 5V, Max 80 mA
  • Fittings: Push-in fittings for 6-4 mm tubes Other on request
  • Inlet Gas Channel: 3 Input
  • Outlet Gas Channel: 1 Output of mixed gases
  • User Interface: Gas mixing software
  • 1 LED signal interface

Discover Gas Blender 100

Discover Gas Blender 100 by watching our introduction video.

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