Gas Mixture Creator .Free

Control every parameter. Free and bundled with every device.


Gas Mixture Creator .Free Edition

With Gas Mixture .Free you can easily define all the function parameters of the MCQ Instruments Gas Blender.
With a friendly interface you can manage all the cylinders parameters and test procedures and recall them when needed.
All products in our catalogue have USB Interface for communication with computer.

By Gas Mixture Creator .Free you can:

  • Manage gas cylinder characteristics for each channel.
  • Set the total flow dilution or mixing rate.
  • Manage for each channel the percentage of concentration.
  • Read the flow value for each channel.
  • Save and recall your different procedure.
  • Define your own multi components gas cylinders.
  • Save and recall all the gas cylinders you have.


  • Display Gas Blender Hardware information.
  • Display Instrument Temperature.
  • Specify the setpoint for the total flow mixture.
  • Specify the percentage concentration for each channel
  • Re-load default gases of calibration
  • Visualization of measured dataSave the current mixture.
  • Load the current mixture.
  • Manage Gas Settings
  • Change the gas type for each channel
  • Display the K-Factor
  • Enable or Disable channel
  • Change balance gas