Gas Mixture Creator .Pro

Gas mixing at the next level. Our professional gas mixing software.


Gas Mixture Creator .Pro

Gas Mixture Creator .Pro is our professional software. It has all the features plus the following one:

  • Edit – Run Program
    In this menu, you can create, save and load your automatic mixture program. Set the percentage of each channel, the total flow of the mixture and time work (h, min, s).
    You can add, delete, copy and paste all the lines you need.
    Once the program will be created you can choose to save it in an external file and to recall it when you need it.
  • Custom Cylinder
    With this function, you can create your own cylinder composition and maximize the accuracy of the insturment. Custom cylinder function allows you to create a no-pure gas cylinder and to calculate the correct K-Factor. After chosen the name of your own cylinder you can set the main component and the percentage in %, ppm or ppb of the minor gases and visualize the calculated K-Factor.


  • Display Gas Blender Hardware information.
  • Display Instrument Temperature.
  • Specify the setpoint for the total flow mixture.
  • Specify the percentage concentration for each channel
  • Re-load default gases of calibration
  • Visualization of measured dataSave the current mixture.
  • Load the current mixture.
  • Manage Gas Settings
  • Change the gas type for each channel
  • Display the K-Factor
  • Enable or Disable channel
  • Change balance gas
  • Create and Automate Routine Laboratory Test
  • Select Time Work for each Test Line
  • Add, delete, copy, paste or remove Test Line
  • Save an Automate Routine Test in an external file
  • Load an Automate Routine Test from an external file
  • Create your 3 components Custom Cylinder
  • Select % ppm or ppb of each component in the Cylinder.
  • Calculate your customized K-Factor