Sensor Module

Mass flow controller at your defined flow rate.


Sensor Module

The MCQ Instruments “Sensor module” can be used both for the measure and for the control of mass flow. It has been conceived for all the customers that want to realize applications where gas flow rate control is required.

The sensor module allows customers to develop a mass flow controller that meets their own requirements. The board mounts an operational amplifier, an analog filter and a DSP microcontroller that realizes the data acquisition, the digital filtering, the linearization and the thermal compensation. In a “Mass Flow Controller” arrangement the module can be connected to a proportional valve for flow regulation.

The DSP microcontroller can be programmed to accomplish the PID control to manage the valve in answer to the information gathered by the flow sensor mounted on board. Furthermore, the board could be easily integrated in custom devices. Just to give an idea, it could be used for providing a controlled airflow at the inset of a chromatographic column, or to calibrate and control a gas delivery system already existing.


  • OEM
  • Custom Firmware update
  • Cost Effective
  • High modularity


  • N2, 20°C, 101.325 kPa (1 atm)
  • Accuracy: 10-100% FS 1% set point
  • Accuracy: <10% FS 0.2% FS
  • Repeatability 0.35% of reading
  • Response time Sensor: 4ms
  • Controller: 50 ms
  • Power supply: 3.3-10V
  • Maximum operating pressure: 25psi
  • Working temperature: 0-50°C
  • Mass flow rates: 0-200sccm
  • Gases: Non aggressive
  • Input channel 1 digital input, I2C bus, 485 bus with open proprietary protocol
  • Output channel: 1 PWM channel for actuator control, 2 programmable output analog channel: 0-5V, Max 80mA