Manage and Control Micro Flows.

Experience a total freedom on changing parameters with the best precision in automation.

Gas Blender


The MCQ GB100 Series is a compact Gas Mixer specifically designed for laboratories by MCQ Instruments. A powerful tool for managing and controlling MICRO FLOWS in gas mixing and gas dilution processes. Easy to install, to set, and to use, it is the fastest instrument on the market.

This Gas Mixer has NO CUT-OFF.

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 100 Series
Each Channel Flow Rate
0 - 500 mL/min
Total Mixture Flow Rate
0 - 1,5 L/min

Micro Flow


3 Channels

Create your dynamic mixture of up to 3 sources of pure gases with a single device.

High Accuracy

Native Calibration on available gas with 1% of accuracy on the read value for each channel.

Fast Response

The fastest device on market for the change of the setpoint of 50 ms on a single channel.


Many international Universities and relevant companies already use our gas mixers.

Accuracy: (for each channel)
N2, 20 °C, 101.325 kPa (1 atm) 5 – 100% FS: 1% of setpoint < 5% FS: 0,2% of FS

0,16% of reading

Response time: (for each channel)
50 ms

Power Supply:
16-36 V DC – Min. 1,5 A

Operation Pressure:
Max 25 psi

Working Temperature:
0 – 50 °C

Mass Flow Rates: (for each channel)
0 – 500 mL/min (standard)
0 – 200 mL/min (on request)

Total Mixture Flow Rate:
Up to 1,5 L/min

N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, (additional gases supported on request)

USB PC Interface, BUS RS 485 (*). Connect up to 64 Gas Blenders to obtain different mixing and blending solutions.
(*) Function for future use. At the moment not active.

Push-in fittings for 6-4 mm tubes. Other on request

Inlet Gas Channel:
3 Input

Outlet Gas Channel:
1 Output of mixed gases

User Interface:
Gas mixing software.
1 LED signal interface

CE, TUV, cTUVUS, Made in Italy

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 100 front
Gas Mixer Connectivity - USB - RS485 bus
Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 100 back



MCQ Gas Blender 100 Series is shipped with our Mixture Creator Software that allows to manage the mixing process by intervening directly on the single channel to modify and control the final blending or the final dynamic dilution. It also allows the management of each channel to define the input gas type provided from your own cylinder.



MCQ Gas Blender 100 Series is easy to install and use. You will only need a laptop or a desktop computer to connect the instrument via a simple USB connection. An easy push-in tube fittings system will allow you to connect your cylinders to the instrument and the output to lead your final mixture into your system.

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