Gas Blender 6000 Series

The MCQ Gas Blender 6000 Series is the solution, specifically designed for laboratories, for non-aggressive gas mixing and dilution. It is an innovative all-in-one replacement for traditional mass flow controllers multi-channel solutions. Our device allows 6 channel gas mixing processes, all in a single compact box controlled by the Touch Panel or by the external software. MCQ Gas Blender 6000 Series has an incomparable operational speed, fast response, and accuracy at a very convenient price.

Up to 6 Channels
You can customize the number of channels you will need for your tests and mixing solutions.

High Accuracy
Native Calibration on available gas with 1% of accuracy on the read value for each channel.

Touch Screen
Touch Display allows customer to control all the parameters via the instruments.

Lab in a Box
A compact and easy to transport box that allows modular approach for multi-functional systems.

Intuitive Sofware

MCQ Mixture Creator is the mixing software bundled for free allows direct access and control to all of our products. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage the gas mixing process by intervening directly on the single channel to modify and control both the final blending and your dynamic dilution.

Touch Display

The Gas Blender 6000 Series is a stand-alone device, it lets you control all the parameters and access all the main features by the Touch Display. The user interface already contains several of the most important actions such as Play and Stop the gas mixing, regulation of the gas ratio for each channel, native gases setting and much more.

Easy Connected

Gas Blender 6000 Series is not only USB connected, but Bluetooth ready, with the possibility of future Wi-Fi implementation. This functionality allows customers to remote control the instrument. Its integrability with ProfiBus, ModBus, and Matlab Simulink gives the possibility of an extremely easy integration into other systems.

6 Channels
Gas Blender 6000 Series

Gas Blender 6000 Series

4 Channels
Gas Blender 4000 Series

Gas Blender 6000 Series

3 Channels
Gas Blender 3000 Series

Gas Blender 6000 Series

2 Channels
Gas Blender 2000 Series

Gas Blender 6000 Series


  • Accuracy (for each channel): N2, 20 °C, 101325 kPa (1 atm): ± 1.0% of full scale
  • Repeatability: 0,10% of reading
  • Response time (for each channel): 500 ms
  • Power Supply: In Bundle
  • Operation Pressure: Max 3 bar
  • Working Temperature: 0-50 ºC
  • Mass Flow Rates (for each channel): 0 – 5000 sccm (standard)
  • Gases: N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, He, H2 (additional gases supported on request)
  • Compatibility: Profibus, Modbus, Matlab Simulink
  • Communication: USB PC Interface RS485 with open proprietary protocol
  • Output Channel Fittings: Push-in fittings for 6-4mm tubes. Other on request
  • Inlet Gas Channel: 6 Inputs (GB 6000 Series), 4 Inputs (GB 4000 Series), 3 Inputs (GB 3000 Series), 2 Inputs (GB 2000 Series)
  • Outlet Gas Channel: 1 Output of mixed gases
  • User Interface: Gas mixing software. Touch Display.
  • Certifications: CE, TUV, cTUVUS, Made in Italy


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