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CNS (Central nervous system) Cell responses to high CO2 and Hypoxia

Description of the Application.

Respiratory brainstem neurons and glial cells are sensitive to changes in extracellular CO2 and O2 (hypoxia). Manchester Metropolitan University is interested in determining the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in this process and how it adapts with age.
The activity of mouse cells cultured in vitro or from brain slices is monitored using real-time electrophysiological recordings or fluorescent readouts of changes in intracellular Ca2+, in response to a reduction in available O2, or an increase in CO2. For example, cells are superfused with solutions pre-equilibrated to 5% CO2 and subsequently exposed to solutions pre-euibrilated with 15% CO2 (equivalent to a change in pH from 7.3 to 6.9 in bicarbonate buffered solutions).
Manchester Metropolitan required a method of generating gas mixtures containing a wide variety of physiologically relevant carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations, with which superfusing solutions can be bubbled to equilibrate. This is traditionally achieved using specialist mixed compressed gas cylinders, though this requires substantial infrastructure and space, and also limited flexibility in terms of available gas mixtures.
We have centrally supplied O2, CO2, N2 and compressed Air piped into our newly renovated laboratory and the gas mixer will provide a readily available, simple solution for us to use custom physiological gas mixtures.

Benefits and Savings.

The Gas Blender GB100 turned out to be a reliable and compact device for generating controlled flows, and so controlled gas mixtures, that will reduce long-term running costs and negate the need for custom mixed gas orders. Moreover the Gas Blender 100 helped to save time without the need to order numerous devices and pre-mixed cylinders, because any gas mixture required is immediately available.


Gas Mixer Vs Gas Cylinder

The ability to blend O2 and CO2 simulations on-demand is an incredibly powerful tool in the development and provides a level of flexibility that gas cylinders cannot provide.

Time Savings

Easier setup management of the hardware. Easier setup management of the software.

Micro-Flows. No Cut-Off

Our GB100 Series allows Manchester Metropolitan University to control the flow in all the calibration range, from 0,1 ml/min to 500 ml/min with NO cut-off.

Cost and Space Savings

Our GB100 Series allows to generate gas mixtures with a wide variety of concentrations. This is traditionally achieved using pre-mixed compressed gas cylinders with limited flexibility

Easy to Use Software with Automation

Thanks to our Software PRO Version and its easy-to use user interface, now Manchester Metropolitan University can easy set all the experiment through our software.

Successful Achievement

GB100 Series offers a more flexible and user-friendly option to deliver custom gas mixtures to an oxygen regulated microscope perfusion system.

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