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CO2 Conversion and Reduction

Description of the Application.

Conversion of CO2 into solar fuels is a key technology for developing a sustainable energy economy while global warning issues are simultaneously addressed. So far, CO2 can be reduced either with solar-derived H2 or directly with water, in the near- or long-term respectively. In both cases, a gas-phase reaction is desirable for scaling the process since it is more practical and economically feasible. Our project aims to use nano materials as photocatalyst for achieve a high CO2 conversion. Currently, we are exploring the hydrogenation -CO2 reaction. For such experiments we need to have a mix of the reagent gases that is the reason that we acquired GB100 Series. We carry out the reaction in a continuous mode, consequently we need low gas flow 5 mL/min.

Benefits and Savings.

The gas blender GB100 Series turned out to be a reliable and compact device for diluting the gas sample and generate a controlled low gas flow. With this configuration the sensor is able to operate in a comfortable range, even when traditional Mass Flow Controllers could not achieve it.


Gas Mixer vs. Mass Flow Controller

The GAS MIXER channels it’s more compact than typical flow controller meters and can be specifically calibrated on the mixture to be used.

Time Savings

Instead of changing a calibration cylinder for each point, our Gas Mixer uses pure gas allowing the ETH Zürich to set all the desired calibration points in just a few steps.

Micro-Flows. No Cut-Off

OUR GB100 Series allows you to control the flow in all the calibration range, from 0,1 ml/min to 500 ml/min with NO cut-off

Without MCQ?

3 Mass Flow Controllers with Power control Unit, tubes, NO-Software and different Gas Mixture Cylinders.

Software Automation

Thanks to our Software PRO version and its option "Automatic Program", now ETH Zürich can bring forward experiments in automation, painlessly.

Flow Stability

Thanks to our revolutionary method every gas flow has a great stability making possible to have a stable flow also for lower flow-range.

Ref- ETH Zurich

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