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Feedback Control


Thanks to our Feedback Control Technology, you will be able now to modify and monitor the percentages of single components of a gas mixture which flows inside a chamber, bioreactor, or incubator, with a feedback in a closed loop control, in an automated way.

The Feedback Control could be provided by an Analyzer at the end of the process that measures the atmosphere inside the chamber or it could be provided by a Sensor inside the chamber, bioreactor, or incubator.

Feedback Control Loop - MCQ Instruments

The Loop


Our full AUTOMATION of the processes will allow you a continuous monitoring, with everything it implies: costs saving, efficiency, lesser chance of errors, continuous process monitoring, big time saving of the experiment, automation, and much more. The Chamber, Bioreactor, or Incubator may contain cell cultures or must or anything else that can be employed in life science, biotechnologies, pharmaceutical or studying food and beverages or much more.

It is a completely NEW solution on the market ready for your laboratory. 

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Gas Mixer - Feedback Control Case 1

Case 1


Gas mixer + Bioreactor + Analyzer

“MCQ FCT” (Feedback Control Technology).

This is the case in where our Gas Mixer injects the gas mixture inside a Bioreactor. Then the Analyzer can read the result and our instrument is now able to check if the result is optimal, so it means anything changes.

But if any parameter varies in a negative condition for your needs, a signal is sent with a Digital Feedback Control to the Gas Mixer which adapts itself changing the percentages of the components of the gas mixture in an absolutely automated way.

Case 2


Gas mixer + Bioreactor/Sensor + Analyzer.

“MCQ SFCT” (Sensor Feedback Control Technology).

This is the case in where we create a system which allows to constantly monitor a whole process that otherwise would be brought forward using an obsolete BATCH SYSTEM.

OLD SOLUTION: The Gas Mixer injects a gas mixture inside a Bioreactor, that will be then detached and closed for the proper time that the reaction needs. It will be NOT possible to monitor the process during the required time. With the consequence that the result of the reaction can reserve too many unexpected surprises after several days.
THE MCQ INSTRUMENTS SOLUTION: Inserting a Sensor inside the Bioreactor, we are now able to constantly monitor the whole process and, if it is degenerating towards unacceptable parameters, we can adjust the gas mixture and restoring the correct atmosphere, in a full AUTOMATION. 

Gas Mixer - Feedback Control Case 1

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