Manage and Control HIGH Flows.

Experience total freedom on changing parameters with the best precision in automation.

Gas Blender


The MCQ Gas Blender 15K is the solution, specifically designed for the industrial sector, for managing and controlling HIGH FLOWS in non-corrosive gas mixing and dilution processes.

Our device allows up to 3 channels gas mixing processes, all in a single box ready for a rack mount. 

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 15k rack
Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 15k Series
Each Channel Flow Rate
0 - 15000 mL/min
Total Mixture Flow Rate
0 - 45 L/min
Gas Mixer Connectivity - Profibus - Modbus - Matlab Simulink

High Flow


Up to 3 Channels

Create your dynamic mixture of up to 3 sources of pure gases with a single device.

Resistive Touch Display

It allows to control all the parameters with latex or work gloves.

Easy Integration

ProfiBus, ModBus, Matlab Simulink compatible.

Reference - Roche
Reference - Yale
Reference - Novartis
Reference - Stanford University
Reference - Berkeley
Reference - Mayo Clinic
Reference - Caltech

Accuracy: (for each channel)
N2, 20 ºC, 101.325 kPa (1 atm):
0,1-100% / FS: 1% of setpoint

0,20% of reading

Response time: (for each channel)
1000 ms

Power Supply:
In Bundle

Operation Pressure:
Max 5 bar

Working Temperature:
0 – 50 °C

Mass Flow Rates: (for each channel)
0 – 15000 mL/min (standard)

Total Mixture Flow Rate:
Up to 45 L/min

N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, He, H2. (additional gases supported on request)

Profibus, Modbus, Matlab Simulink

RS485 with open proprietary protocol.

It depends from the applications.

Inlet Gas Channel:
3 Inputs

Outlet Gas Channel:
1 Output of mixed gases

User Interface:
Resistive Touch Display.

CE, Made in Italy

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 15k front



MCQ Mixture Creator is the software bundled for free which allows direct access and control to all of our products. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage the gas mixing process by intervening directly on the single channels of the gas mixer to modify and control both the final blending and your dynamic dilution.

Easy to


Gas Blender 15k is easy to connect and integrate into other systems. Its compatibility with ProfiBus, ModBus, and Matlab Simulink gives the possibility of an extremely easy integration into other systems. Moreover, we supply a Python Library to control the instrument via RS485.



An industrial rack mount box that allows easy assembly and integration of the gas mixer in an industrial application with also a modular approach for a multi-functional system.

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