Manage and Control Standard Flows.

Experience a total freedom on changing parameters with the best precision in automation.

Gas Blender


The MCQ Gas Blender 6000 Series is the solution, specifically designed for laboratories, for managing and controlling STANDARD FLOWS in non-aggressive gas mixing and dilution processes. It is an innovative all-in-one replacement for traditional mass flow controllers multi-channel solutions.

Gas Mixers vs. Mass Flow Controllers: LEARN THE DIFFERENCES

Our Gas Mixers


e.g. Considering a flow range of 0-5000 mL/min, the instrument starts to work properly from 1 mL/min.


e.g. If you need a flow of 100 mL/min you are free to modify and change the new values on a micro-scale of 0,1 mL/min, for example 99.9 mL/min with stable results.


Our instruments have such an incredibly stable control even on micro-values, that you can use them to create high dilution up to a scale of 1:3000.

80 Calibration-Points

Our instruments calibration consists in a high-quality control process, setting a Calibration Curve on 80 calibration-points, each one measured and repeated for 6 times. We made everything to guarantee you precision and accuracy!

Traditional MFC


e.g. Considering a flow range of 0-5000 mL/min, the instrument starts to work properly from 500 mL/min


e.g. First, consider the Cut-Off that makes difficult to any MFC to regulate flows under a certain value.
Second, if you set the flow at 100 mL/min you can modify values only on a scale of 1 mL/min, so if for example you need a flow of 99,50 mL/min the MFC will wobble between 99 mL/min and 100 mL/min with unstable results.


A great instability with low-flow does not allow to manage and create high dilution with precision.

5 Calibration-Points

Regular Mass Flow Controllers are calibrated based on a Calibration Curve of only 5 calibration-points.

• All the MCQ Instruments are a whole lab in single boxes ready-to-use. The traditional MFCs need instead of a tube system, external power supply and a large amount of space and budget to consider after.

• All the MCQ Instruments are shipped with a bundled Software (.FREE Version) for full automation. The traditional MFCs need instead of a manual approach.

• All the MCQ Instruments have been created to control every single parameter up to the whole management of every aspect of a gas mixture. The traditional MFCs were created instead to control only a single source of gas.

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 6000 Series
Each Channel Flow Rate
0 - 5000 mL/min
Total Mixture Flow Rate
0 - 30 L/min

Standard Flow


Up to 6 Channels

Create your dynamic mixture of up to 6 sources of pure gases with a single device.

Touch Display

Touch Display allows you to easily control all the parameters via the instruments.

Easy Integration

ProfiBus, ModBus, Matlab Simulink compatible and USB ready to use.

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Standard Flows – Gas Mixer Family

Accuracy: (for each channel)
10-100% FS: 0,2% of FS
< 10% FS: 1% of FS

0,10% of reading

Response time: (for each channel)
500 ms

Power Supply:
In Bundle

Operation Pressure:
Max 3 bar

Working Temperature:
0 – 50 °C

Mass Flow Rates: (for each channel)
0 – 5000 mL/min (standard)

Total Mixture Flow Rate:
Up to 30 L/min (GB 6000 Series)
Up to 20 L/min (GB 4000 Series)
Up to 15 L/min (GB 3000 Series)
Up to 10 L/min (GB 2000 Series)

N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, He, H2. (additional gases supported on request)

Profibus, Modbus, Matlab Simulink

USB PC Interface RS485 with open proprietary protocol.

Swagelok NPT or Push-in fittings for 6-4mm tubes. Other on request

Inlet Gas Channel:
6 Inputs (GB 6000 Series)
4 Inputs (GB 4000 Series)
3 Inputs (GB 3000 Series)
2 Inputs (GB 2000 Series)

Outlet Gas Channel:
1 Output of mixed gases

User Interface:
Gas mixing software. Touch Display.

CE, TUV, cTUVUS, Made in Italy

Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 6000 front
Gas Mixer Connectivity - Profibus - Modbus - Matlab Simulink - USB - WiFi
Gas Mixer - Gas Blender 6000 back



MCQ Mixture Creator is the software bundled for free which allows direct access and control to all of our products. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage the gas mixing process by intervening directly on the single channels of the gas mixer to modify and control both the final blending and your dynamic dilution.



Gas Blender 6000 Series is not only USB connected, but Bluetooth ready, with the possibility of future Wi-Fi implementation. This functionality allows customers to remote control the instrument. Its integrability with ProfiBus, ModBus, and Matlab Simulink gives the possibility of an extremely easy integration into other systems



The Gas Blender 6000 Series is a stand-alone device, it lets you control all the parameters and access all the main features by the Touch Display. The user interface already contains several of the most important actions such as Play and Stop the gas mixing, regulation of the gas ratio for each channel, native gases setting and much more.

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