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Gas Blender vs. Mass Flow Controllers

How to mix gases. Gas Blender vs. Mass Flow Controllers. Learn more about our revolutionary technology. 

When we talk about gas mixing, gas flow meter control, or gas blending, we all know that the current standard method needs the using of very expensive premixed cylinders, one for every single gas involved in the process. Then we would need 1 mass flow controller per every single source of gas, a power supply unit, a tubing system, a manual experience, quite long time at disposition and a bunch of patience.
Isn’t it?

Well we think that this system, moreover if we need gas flow ratios below the 500 mL/min, is not only antiquated, obsolete, but even wrong. 

A regular mass flow controller is completely inadeguate to measure and regulate small ratios keeping at same moment a stable flow. In some cases the experiments and the processes suffer such miscalculations that it would be impossible to bring them forward.

We had these experiences with unnumbered relevant Universities and Companies around the globe. Who was searching solutions for cancer, who for food and beverage maintenance, who for instruments development, who for gas sensor, chromatograph, or mass spectometer calibration, who for incubators. And well, yes, we found a solution for anyone of them.

We have completely revolutionized the working system and we have developed a series of Gas Mixers perfect to mix or dilute gas or control gas flow meters with an incredible precision.

— Gas Blender vs. Mass Flow Controllers —

The Gas Blender Series. A compact box that resume a full laboratory. Now all our customers do not need anymore to wait months before seeing they customized cylinder of specific gas and guess results based on unbalanced measurements, but using pure gases, they can now make the gas mixtures by themselves and regulate the final gas mixing or dilution directly through a single instrument and its native software.

Just connect up to 6 sources of gases to our Gas Mixers, open the software, and start immediately to create your own mixture.

– Incredible accuracy even with micro-flows near the 1mL/min with NO CUT-OFF.
– The fastest devices of the market.
– No more useless laboratory’s space occupied by many devices, but only a single compact box.
Software included with the possibility of a FULL automation! I mean, seriously, the instruments can do everything by itself.

The innovation is so deep that we are able also to create fully automated systems with a loop feedback for incubators, chambers or bioreactors. We called it Feedback Control Technology. A robotic connection of multi-instruments to monitoring with automation a constant measurement of the selected amount of gas mixture, with an active action when the measure change.

Well. Are you sure do you want to continue with a Mass Flow Controller system?
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Have a good gas mixing.