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ELSEVIER 2018 – Scientific Paper – Gas Sensor Fabrication

Elsevier 2018 - Gas Sensor Fabrication
Elsevier 2018 Gas Sensor Fabrication

University: Michigan State University – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Authors: Hao Wan, Heyu Yin, Lu Lin, Xiangqun Zeng, Andrew J.Mason
Journal: Elsevier 2018
Impact Factor: 6.393 (What is the IF?). Elsevier is considered a leading reference for Sensor’s Scientific Papers
Application Note related to our instrument: Gas Sensor Fabrication

TITLE: Miniaturized planar room temperature ionic liquid electrochemical gas sensor for rapid multiple gas pollutants monitoring

ABSTRACT: The growing impact of airborne pollutants and explosive gases on human health and occupational safety has escalated the demand for sensors to monitor hazardous gases. This paper presents a new miniaturized planar electrochemical gas sensor for rapid measurement of multiple gaseous hazards.
The gas sensor features a porous polytetrafluoroethylene substrate that enables fast gas diffusion and room temperature ionic liquid as the electrolyte. Metal sputtering was utilized for platinum electrodes fabrication to enhance adhesion between the electrodes and the substrate. Together with carefully selected electrochemical methods, the miniaturized gas sensor is capable of measuring multiple gases including oxygen, methane, ozone and sulfur dioxide that are important to human health and safety.
Compared to its manually-assembled Clark-cell predecessor, this sensor provides better sensitivity, linearity, and repeatability, as validated for oxygen monitoring. With solid performance, fast response and miniaturized size, this sensor is promising for deployment in wearable devices for real-time point-of-exposure gas pollutant monitoring.

FULL AND ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC PAPER: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical