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The revolutionary method for controlling and measuring Gas Mixtures

Yes, I am a lucky person. I am absolutely a lucky person because I started this adventure with the right spirit, with the right team, with the right ideas, and for the right purposes.

No, it wasn’t an easy path at all. Starting from the beginning, the sketches, the research, and the development. But we always believed on what we were doing.

Our idea was to bring innovation in an industry that requires very specifical instruments among a too generic pool of tools.

We wanted to create a unique, powerful and compact device capable to give the maximum of the precision of measuring the gas mixtures, to manage the gas flow meter control and to increase at the best the results of anyone using it. Results in terms of performance, time, space, budget, and accuracy.

We did it. We did it with our Gas Blender 100 Series. A small, compact box with inside a full laboratory. We miniaturized every single process and maximized the benefits. We solved the main problem that many International Universities and Laboratories around the world had:

“How to perfectly manage micro flows of gases for creating a precise and customized dynamical Gas Mixture?”.

We did it. They made it real. Using our instruments they achieved many experiments and research on Life Science, Analysis, Food and Beverage, Deposition, Test & Measurement, otherwise too difficult or longer to get. They made it real, using a revolutionary accuracy: N2, 20 °C, 101.325 kPa (1 atm) 10 – 100% FS: 1% of set point < 10% FS: 0,2% of FS, that is on each channel, with the possibility to input 3 different Gases at the same time. They made it real using a Software integrated, easy to use, intuitive, and manageable with a common PC or Laptop connected via USB.

We were so glad of it.

Yes, I was saying that I am a lucky person. And, I do. Because our dream isn’t finished yet. Using all of our experience we moved forward. We asked ourselves:

“What if we want to keep our quality even for bigger flows?”.

We asked it ourselves so many times, that we started to research a solution with that proper passion that always unified us. Again, we invested all of our energies on that, and we did it.

Today we can boast a wide range of products ready for any of the market needs. Adding to our revolutionary collection the Gas Blender 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 Series.

An up to six different channels solution specifically designed for laboratories. A 0 – 5000 mL/min mass flow rates for each channel, ready to replace the traditional mass flow controllers multi-channel method. A great accuracy, a touch screen integrated with an intuitive user interface there to manage a wide range of non-aggressive gas list and measuring the gas mixtures. Automated Feedback Control System. Integrable with Profibus, Matlab Simulink, and Modbus. USB and Bluetooth connected. Soon with the possibility of Ethernet, Digital RS485 Interfaces, and Wi-Fi too. 

Who are we? We are MCQ Instruments and we are glad to stay here on your side for solving whatever is your matter on Gas Mixing, Dilution, Manage and Control.

Who am I? I am Giuseppe Canuti, and I am lucky to be part of this revolutionary team.

Contact me to any of your question, curiosity or info you wish to get. I will be happy to help you more.